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Reaper's Property (Reapers MC, #1) - Joanna Wylde Wow That was so much better than I thought it would be.
I've read biker books before this and didn't exactly enjoy them, but this one was really awesome.

Horse, dear lord, so. freaking. hot.
Couldn't have asked for a better biker than him.


The circumstances that made Marie and him get together weren't perfect, but in the end you couldn't have chosen two people better for each other than that.
Complete Me: A Novel - J. Kenner 4.5 Stars
Release Me - J. Kenner 3.5 Stars
The Redemption of Callie & Kayden - Jessica Sorensen I really loved the first book, like i REALLY loved it, but this one was just never ending.
Some parts were alright, but most of it was just me wanting to shake some sense into that boy.
I know you have issues you need to work on, but don't push away the only person who loves you Kayden.
And I really thought that this book would be the ending; their HEA, but no. So many loose ends.
Let's just hope that their third book will make up for this one.
Belong to You - Vi Keeland 3.5 Stars
Missing Hart - Ella Fox 3.5 Stars
Kade - Dawn Martens, Chantal Fernando God, these books are freaking awesome.
I seriously loved Kade, but godammit, most times I wanted to grab him and yell at him for never believing Nikki, and putting Ashley first. I mean come on, it nearly ruined their relationship. Fucking bitch that woman I tell you.
This one was too short compared to the first one though. I would have like to see it last longer.
Chase - Chantal Fernando, Dawn Martens A-ma-zing.
Seriously I freaking loved this book.
The drama was perfect, and I just rooted so much for the characters.
I am in love with Chase. He was the perfect boyfriend in this book, even with his past that kept being pushed in his face.

Now I am so f*cking ready for Nikki and Kade's story.

Sweet Thing - Renée Carlino 2.5 Stars

This book wasn't exactly bad, but I just really have a hard time liking books where the whole story is them not being able to be together until the very, very end.
Playing For Keeps (The Game, #2) - Emma  Hart 4.5 Stars

That was a beautiful book, their story was perfect.
It was way more emotional than the first one, and I loved it.
Now I really want the next book.
Shine Not Burn - Elle Casey 3.5 Stars
The Wrong Billionaire's Bed (Billionaire Boys Club #3) - Jessica Clare October?? Why so far..

Addicted to You - Colina Brennan description

So disappointed.
I really thought this book was going to be awesome, but sadly it was quite plain.
Nothing happens in this book, and it's quite short, so you don't really get the time to care for the characters.
I did like the base line of this story, but that was about it..

Lacybourne Manor (Ghosts and Reincarnation, #3) - Kristen Ashley 4.5 Stars

Wonderful book, these keep getting better, and better!
Penmort Castle (Ghosts and Reincarnation, #1) - Kristen Ashley Brilliant book, very different from her other series.
Loved the characters, loved the story, and actually loved the ghost.
Well I didn't love HER to say, but I loved what she brought to the story; fright and turmoil.


When I first started reading this book, I thought I wouldn't like it because of the person Abby seemed to be, but I was very wrong. She wasn't a snob like I thought at first, and she was the perfect character for this book.
I am definitely in love with Cash. He was sweet, loving and caring throughout all the book, even if at first he had just hired her for a job. Just perfect.


I love seeing characters struggle with what they're feeling and what they're going through, and this happend in this book, so I am also very please with that.


Some things I found more or less pleasing.
Like the fact that it took Abby about 3 minutes only to persuade Cash that Ghosts exist.
I think I would of preferred it if he didn't believe her. So that when they went to the castle and something terrible happened to Abby,even after she was rescued he would feel that it was his fault since he didn't believe her.
It's always better when a characters feels bad for what he did, even if he is already forgiven.
What can I say, I'm a drama slut.


Can't wait for the next one in this serie, gone off to read it now.
Love Thy Neighbour - Belle Aurora God! This book.


It was everything I was expecting it to be.
It had all you could ask for, and it made you fall deeply in love with the characters.

Asher baby, I love you so much, and your story made me tear up.


Really an amazing book, and now I can't wait for Max's story.