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Lick - Kylie Scott 3 Stars

Sooooooooo, yeah.
I'm kind of disappointed by this book. Maybe it's because my expectations were too high; because of all the great reviews.


The story was actually good overall, something I've read before, but still ok. What made this book not be a 4 or 5 stars are only a few details, but those details were really huge for me.
The characters were cute, I did want them to end up together, and the author did write quite well.

"His face … I'd never seen such a fierce, determined expression. It went well beyond lust and closer toward being what I needed from him."

The thing is, the length of this story is what bothered me most. Not the number of pages, but the story itself. Everything that happened, happened quickly. They love, they fight, they reconcile in no time.
And I mean, I know they say love can happen at first sight and all, but I did not like that she was madly in love with him only after a few days.
The second thing that annoyed me was when they left each other. Really? REALLY! She leaves. You don't stop her, nor explain.
And you give yourself the right to afterwards be mad at her for leaving. After what you did? And oh wait. The best part of this was of course that she agreed that he had a right to be mad that she left. No. You. Do. Not. Shushh. No.


This was an alright book, but not something I would read again.