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Price of a Kiss - Linda Kage I have mixed feelings for this book.
Some parts I really, really loved, and others I hated to a point I just wanted to stop reading.
Conflict of emotions.


This book, (for the parts that I liked) was awesome. You totally root for the characters, and fall in love with them.
The problem with it is that something happened (which I cannot say because it's a too big spoiler) and it ruined the book for me.
I could not believe he did what he did, even thought he thought he was doing it for her.
I think this book would have been a 4 stars for me if that part didn't happen in the book, but I just can't get over it. I wish I could, but I can't.


So I do understand people who really enjoyed this book, because yes it was very good, but I don't know how they accepted a certain scene in it.