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Reckless - Skye Jordan I'm really between a 3 and 3.5 for this one.
It's indeed really awesome, and oh so hot.


I loved the story and the characters.
But, I did find that the book lacked of content in the story line. 85% of this book was sex.
And I mean I do love sex scenes, but I can't completely enjoy a book if it's only that, and not much else.
I need to get involved with the characters, grow fond of them, want them together for ever.
Which did actually happen in this book, but not a lot. I really would have loved to get more pages, with them being together not only in a sexual relationship.

And there was no epilogue, which is something I always look forward to. It's what makes the ending beautiful, knowing they got a HEA that lasts. So that kind of sucked.

But I still think it's a book worth reading, just that it could have been longer, without the story being used too much.